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Our Brand

AMBEN ® babywear was created in New Zealand by a group of talented designers and rich experienced technicians who understood parenthood with passion and love uniquely produced for babies and infants by Jiekala Textile Technology.

  • OEM

    Jiekala Textile Technology produces 0-3-year-old baby clothes, overcoats, bibs, aprons, baby sleeping bags, baby blankets, baby hats, and hand-knit wool baby shoes.

  • ODM

    Jiekala's talented design department works closely with our rich experienced technicians in the development department, producing dozens of new styles monthly.

  • Brand Distribution

    Welcome to join AMBEN ® distribution's team, and spread our love for the little precious through your retail stores or your digital network.


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  • Professional design team

    We have a professional design team from New Zealand. They have more than ten years of experience in designing baby clothes. They can keenly capture fashion trends and make every baby who chooses AMBEN a fashion darling.

  • Mature garment production process

    The AMBEN brand has its own factory, covering the complete clothes production process, from every step of production to create more suitable clothes for babies

  • Various international certifications

    Our brands have certifications such as GOTS, OEKO-TEX, GRS, etc., so that every consumer who chooses AMBEN can feel more at ease